About IntegrateSun

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At IntegrateSun, we’re dedicated to finding the best solar panels for your home. Our team will see you through every step of the solar process and go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

With 28 years’ combined experience in the solar industry, IntegrateSun offers you a complete, customized energy solution to decrease your electricity bills while boosting an investment in your home and future. Learn why we’re one of the most innovaive solar companies in Houston.

Switching to solar power

Get the best deal for your home by combining energy efficiency with your solar installation. This enables helps you to decrease your energy requirements, while solar helps offset the rest.

At IntegrateSun, we begin with an in-home audit to determine your real energy needs, so your solar installation is based on actual usage.

Innovative solar solutions

We’ll find ways to help you decrease your average home electrical consumption by implementing efficiency solutions. This reduces the size of the solar installation needed, resulting in better pricing and lower energy losses for your home.

Competitive solar pricing

We partner with the best solar financing companies to match the average monthly electrical bill you pay. With our pricing and financing options, you’ll enjoy:

  • Price matching with other estimates
  • Competitive costs based on your actual requirements
  • Low monthly payments that never increase
  • In-house financing spread over 12 to 20 years

The energy package we create for you offsets your current bill, empowers you to stop wasting money on electrical usage, and enables you to invest the money in your home instead.

The best solar warranty in Houston

With a 25-year product warranty backed by our 20-year workmanship warranty, you’re getting far more reliable support than the average 3 to 10-year warranty offered by other companies in the industry.

A referral program that works for you

Share the good news with family and friends and score even more with our great referral program. We’ll pay you $500 for every client you refer who ends up installing our solar systems.

There’s no time like now. Contact IntegrateSun today to schedule your free energy audit, and find out how we can help you invest in your home instead of your energy provider.