Commercial Solar Panels

With a well-designed commercial solar panels solution, your business can become fully energy-independent while taking advantage of government tax credits.

Generating your own energy is the future, and offers companies financial and operational benefits. Dramatically reduce the amount of energy your commercial buildings or business premises use, through investing in energy-efficient solutions and commercial solar panels solutions.

With some simple improvements and a solar energy installation, you can reduce the amount of energy your building consumes and benefit your bottom line.

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Become Energy Independent with Commercial Solar Panels

With a well-designed commercial solar panels solution your business can become energy-independent. A customized installation means you’ll reduce your reliance on the grid and no longer need to depend on the production of energy at a coal or power plant. Generate your own power onsite to provide for your needs, achieve independence and reduce your impact on the environment. Remain operational during power outages with an inexhaustible energy supply, and during summer when your employees need a cool working environment you won’t face huge energy bills.

Secure Cost Efficiencies

Generating your own power through a commercial solar panels installation enables your business to lock in lower energy rates that will never rise. You’ll no longer be subject to the volatile and continuously-changing markets affecting energy costs.

Energy efficient solutions help to reduce your power usage, while your solar panel installation generates power to reduce the cost of the energy you use. At the end of each billing cycle, your company is billed only for the power used after the energy fed back into the grid is deducted. Combined with the savings from replacing electricity with solar-generated power, this can deliver a significant cost benefit.

Apply Business Tax Credits

Both federal and state governments offer a range of tax credits for the installation of commercial solar panels system, including:

  • Two primary federal incentive programs, one for a 30% payment within 60 days of installation and the other for accelerated depreciation and a bonus.
  • State incentives specific to the location of your commercial premises.

With 28 years’ experience in providing services and support for commercial solar installations, IntegrateSun is perfectly positioned to help you. We have worked with multiple types of sites, systems and budgets, and provide unique, customized solutions for every system we design.

Get a Green Rating for Your Business

Producing your own energy onsite enables you to decrease your power consumption and environmental footprint, which could make your company eligible for green rating programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED.)  A certification of this type gives authorized, third-party verification that the property uses approved strategies to optimize the building performance and reduce environmental impact.

Increased Real Estate Value

Installing a solar system increases the value of your commercial real estate and improves your sustainability profile. It provides better ROI through reduced operational costs, which greatly impacts your resale value and desirability for investors.