How Solar Panels Work

Discover how our solar systems are powered and how a residential or commercial solar system can benefit you.

The sun’s rays contain light particles called photons, which are released and collected by your solar equipment and absorbed. This happens during the daylight hours, even when the sun isn’t particularly hot, because it’s based on the collection of ultraviolet light.

These photons are then converted into electrons, which are units of direct current (DC). The system pushes the electrons out to an inverter, which changes them into alternating current (AC) electricity. This energy is fed into your home via your electrical panel or breaker box, which powers your home and appliances while we monitor the installation remotely and make sure everything is operating as it should.


Benefits of Solar Systems

Some benefits of installing a solar electrical system include:

  • Decreased energy costs, through the manufacturing of your own clean energy
  • Lower tariffs, by contributing unused energy back to the local grid and realizing savings when this is deducted from your usage.
  • Increased home equity, because you’re investing in and upgrading your home and improving its financial value.
  • Reduced environmental footprint, because you’re using more clean energy and producing extra for your neighbors to use, too.

How Solar Panels Work at IntegrateSun

The way we operate is simple and straightforward, and consists of three steps:

Before: You’ll make an appointment with our energy consultant, who arrives and performs a home energy audit. During this process, you’ll learn helpful, energy efficient tips to achieve future savings, and receive a quote for the best system for your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to explore our financing options, and we’ll handle all the paperwork and HOA approvals necessary to make your solar installation a reality.

During: Once financing and other approvals are obtained, installation begins. Our experts fit all equipment and parts required and show you what to do to make the system fully functional. We set up 24/7 monitoring, which is live and free, so if any type of problem develops our maintenance team will be notified immediately to come out and resolve it.

After: Sit back and enjoy a fully operational home without any electrical concerns or solar maintenance issues, while you save money on both your own usage and by supplying your extra power back to the grid.

Are you ready to get started with your residential or commercial solar system? Get a quote from IntegrateSun today.