Solar Services

Solar energy is the way of the future, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the sunny state of Texas. At IntegrateSun, we design home solar installations that optimize your financial investment and deliver the reduced costs, energy independence and success stories you expect from an installer. Services we offer are:

Residential Solar Installations

Discover how you can make the switch from traditional power generated by the electrical grid to clean, renewable power. Increase the value of your home and become an innovator for your neighborhood with a solar system that works with energy efficiency to reduce your consumption, and create your own power to feed back into the grid. Save money by paying fixed monthly costs that never change, and own your system free and clear in 12 years. Learn more about residential solar >>

Commercial Solar Installations

Reduce the amount of energy your commercial premises or company uses and boost your bottom line. Make your business energy-independent, and reduce your environmental footprint with a well-designed solar solution that reduces your reliance on the grid and generates your own power on site. Enjoy an inexhaustible energy supply with fixed monthly payments, and benefit from federal tax credits and state incentives for eligible owners. Learn more about commercial solar >>

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Learn how to improve your home’s energy efficiency with solutions geared to reduce your electrical consumption and manage energy loss. Our in-home energy audit will help you identify ways to save energy, which reduces the cost of the solar installation you require. Find out how you can benefit in terms of return on investment as well as improving the value of your property. Learn more about energy efficiency >>

Generator Supply and Installation

Find out how to provide safety and convenience for your family and employees during an emergency, using reliable power with a solar-powered generator. These don’t deliver emissions or require much in the way of maintenance, and can operate essentials such as lights, refrigerators and other critical equipment during an outage. Become independent of fossil fuels and other substances. Learn more about solar generators >>