Solar Financing

You can feel confident with in-house financing provided by IntegrateSun. Own your entire solar system and take advantage of year-end tax credits.

Installing a solar electric system is an investment that increases the value of your home, while lowering monthly utility bills and reducing environmental impact. With any investment, however, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

In many parts of Texas, transitioning to solar power costs less than traditional electricity, depending on how you choose to pay. Statistics show that the installation of a solar electric system increases your home’s value, and transferring it to a new owner at the time of sale is simple. We offer excellent solar financing options to help make the transition simple and affordable.


Owning vs. Leasing

Owning your own solar electric system is vital for your peace of mind, and while some solar companies offer customers a leasing program for their installation, we believe you have the right to know the facts about these options. After doing the calculations, we know you’ll agree that purchasing for cash or financing to own is the best choice. Here’s why:

Leasing often disqualifies buyers for benefits such as federal tax credits and state rebates, and transfers them to the leasing agency instead. The terms of your lease may include regular escalation clauses over the duration of the agreement, for example, and without careful oversight these can mean at the end of the term you could own nothing.

Purchasing a solar electric installation for cash or using a solar financing loan, however, means you own your entire system from the day it is fitted. This ensures eligibility for the 30% federal tax credit for all IntegrateSun customers, not only some! Within 12 years you can achieve freedom from the monthly payments.

At IntegrateSun we like to make sure you always have 100% ownership of your panels, and that you get the best possible deal on the purchase that we can arrange.

Solar Financing Options

Customers can feel confident with in-house financing provided by IntegrateSun. Our team will work with you to provide the best option for your solar installation. Monthly savings vary according to the weather, the number of days in the month, and your household’s energy consumption levels.

Spend Less, Not More

Based on the purchase option you choose, you’ll spend less, not more, with an IntegrateSun solar installation. Your monthly costs will remain the same, while your home value increases with the installation of a solar electric system.

Enjoy the sunshine today! Contact us for an assessment to see whether a solar electric installation will work for you.