Solar Generators

The ideal solution for rural locations or regions that experience frequent outages, solar generators offer all the environmentally-friendly factors that make power from the sun so attractive.

What Is a Solar Generator?

The solar generator system collects energy from the sun during the daylight hours using photovoltaic (PV) panels, and converts it using an electric power transmission system instead of a fuel-driven engine. The energy is stored in a battery bank, which releases it to an inverter to be turned into standard AC power. The unit comes in a weather-protected enclosure connected to your PV panels, which can be installed in a portable fashion if necessary.


How Solar Generators Work

When power from the grid fails, the automatic standby switch powers up the generator and isolates the utility service, providing energy for the home without interruption. You can also switch it over manually to avoid using the electrical grid unless you find it absolutely necessary.

Surplus energy produced by the solar generator is supplied back to the grid and credited against your account. Installation of a solar-powered standby generator as a backup to your grid usage offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Cost savings based on the low cost of operation across the lifespan of the generator, which enable homeowners to save money. The high cost of fuel escalates daily, and is one of the primary reasons solar generators were developed.
  • Environmental impact, because it eliminates the burning of fossil fuels for energy creation, along with the need for infrastructure to keep it going.
  • Rapid charging, requiring only six hours of sunlight a day to keep it functional. The sun doesn’t need to be hot, either—the UV rays perform the magic all on their own.
  • No pollution! This is a major benefit of solar generators compared with fuel-driven units, which release fumes produced by combustion into the air. Solar generators have zero fuel emissions, which qualifies them as completely eco-friendly.
  • The silent operation of solar generators adds to their appeal, with the lack of noise pollution just another reason for their extreme eco-friendliness.
  • Suitable for indoor use – solar generators can even be used inside, due to the quiet operation and lack of emissions.
  • Ease of maintenance, resulting from the simplicity of operation and minimal mechanical parts. This helps keep costs down and performance at optimal level for your home and family.

Install a Solar Generator Today

Capitalize on the attractive benefits available to homeowners under grid buy-back programs. Enjoy reliable power 24/7, backed by support you can count on, from a brand name you can trust.